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Atlo Sale Stats So Far

4 min readApr 25, 2022


We’ve completed four sales in about two months on Atlo. We thought we’d share a few numbers from them.

As you’ll see, the percentage of participants in our sales who have received an allocation of Tokens is incredibly high. They have also tended, on average, to get an excellent percentage of their funded amount allocated. Lastly, the barrier to entry is minimal, with Atlo Ratings as low as 8 successfully participating. Here’s the highlights:


Sale Start — Feb 22, 2022

MintDAO was our first sale, and hot on the heels of the TGE for $ATLO. We couldn’t have asked for things to go better. The funding progressed almost parallel to the window period, going just over the raise target. With just over 700 Atlo Rated participants receiving an allocation, over 670 people received their full fund amount and an average allocation of 98.52% of the funded amount.


Sale Start — Mar 1, 2022

Fanfury was a hotly anticipated raise, and done exclusively through Atlo. It was over-subscribed by more than 50% and was a real test of the Atlo Rating algorithm. 540 Participants managed to get 100% of their allocation. Despite this popularity, the average allocation was still 90% compared to the prefund amount.

TGE : 28 April


Sale Start — Mar 29, 2022

The Minerva team were one of our earliest supporters and committed to raising with us before we’d even had the $ATLO TGE. This was also the first instance where we did a whitelist swap for the protocol. In addition, the Minerva team asked us to develop two funding options running simultaneously for a single raise target, based on requests from our community. A great example of launchpad, project team and community working together. It was ALSO the first raise where community participants had the opportunity to buy the token at the same price as the VCs.



Sale Start — Apr 5, 2022

Proteus Finance was our fastest to reach the raise target. Our sales window is 48 hours and Proteus reached their target in less than half of that! They went on to have over $560,000 committed, setting a new record for total amount prefunded, and our largest single amount funded from one participant ($20,000).



You can see the details for each raise below, including number of participants, average Atlo Rating and allocations as a % of the amount funded.

Atlo’s First Four Raises


Total Raised : $1,315,000
Total Funded : $1,796,152.65

Total participants who funded : 2827
Total participants who were allocated: 2489*
*a participant is counted every time they participated, eg if a wallet took part in 2 projects, they are counted twice.


Wallets taking part in 4 projects : 184
Wallets taking part in 3 projects : 241
Wallets taking part in 2 projects : 349
Wallets taking part in 1 project : 670

Average Atlo Rating* Across all sales: 318.56
*snapshotted at start of a project sale, showing allocated participants only

Average funded amount** : $623.02
**This includes all participants, not just people who were allocated in the sale.

Average allocation amount*** : $507.83
***This counts successful participants only.

In the short time we have been active, we have completed 4 sales, in less than 2 months, with, at the time of writing, one more sale about to launch (Terrnado Cash on April 26th) and two more proposals ready (Void and SeatlabNFT).

  • Successful participants have had Atlo Ratings above 30, an easily achievable target for anyone getting started. As an example, $500 worth of $ATLO in single side staking, with just one governance vote, would have an AR close to that in just over 2 weeks.
$500 staked and one vote after 13 days.

Successful participants average around 94% in allocation of their funded amount. Any way you crunch the numbers, Atlo provides an accessible way for participants to research, vote on and receive allocations in protocol launches they choose to launch and add to their portfolio.




A team building on Kujira. Our first product is Plasma, the OTC platform for everyone. Our second is Pilot, a launchpad in collaboration with the Kujira team.