Atlo is proposing that Kujira become our home chain for the second iteration of our launchpad aggregator. Atlo was conceptualised in the second half of 2021 around 3 core ideas:

This meant the community had greater influence and more skin in the game, and project teams could focus on the product they were building without the distraction of everything that goes into launching a new token. We now have the opportunity to take what we have learnt and apply it to a greater and more holistic vision.

Read on for more about why we are proposing the Home chain we are, as well as where we see Atlo going in the future.


The new Atlo Launch aggregation architecture is chain agnostic with the Home Chain being the central technology choice that will underpin all Atlo functionality. Atlo will not be positioned as a “Specific Chain Launchpad” but will create a space for all chains to create a community of projects and people to launch, and fund irrespective of where they operate.


Simply put, the above required a chain that met a certain level of technical criteria, a community, and had the roadmap and team commitment to bring our vision of a transparent and simple multi chain set of launch and funding aggregation services into reality. Features that include paying fees in multiple native tokens, settlement speed, an order book DEX, and a native Wallet led us in the direction of Kujira and after running a series of Proof of Concepts, Kujira became our technology preference.


Before explaining more about the future of Atlo, we see the following benefits for the home chain.

Synergy — Atlo and Kujira have a history, an overlapping community and shared ethos we feel will benefit the Kujira, Atlo and Cosmos communities.

Increase in Transactions — Whilst the home chain will often be in the background, it will be used to kick off every launch mechanic and post launch service, across Cosmos and ultimately EVM chains. These transactions will extend far beyond just launches, and include vesting, claiming, staking, swapping and other aggregation services throughout Cosmos.

Increase in Fees — Increased transactions on Kujira mean increase in fees generated on Kujira.

USK Demand — With the imminent release of USK, having fundraising activities hosted on Kujira, increases the demand for USK both on Cosmos, and as we expand into EVM chains.

Increase in IBC Traffic — Bringing together communities and funds from across Cosmos, Atlo will contribute toward an increase in IBC traffic.

FIN Pairs — Atlo plans to automatically facilitate the proposals of new pairs on FIN as they launch through Atlo, both on Kujira and throughout the Cosmos, bringing more volume to FIN aiding in its goal to be the highest utilised DEX in Cosmos. We believe the Order book style Dex is core to growth of projects especially without the need for projects to provide any liquidity.

Fee sharing — Atlo will align with the current standard of creating sustainable revenue to the chain and will commit to passing on a portion of launch and transaction fees to Kujira Stakers to aid in the sustainability of the Kujira vision.

Increased Eyes on Kujira — Using Kujira as the hub of our design puts its technology front and centre of launches from around Cosmos and ultimately EVM chains.

Technology — As Atlo builds out cross / interchain technology, parts of it will be available to new protocols looking to launch on Kujira.


We’ll outline our vision, our history and where we want to go including our plans for a rebrand, the token and the Atlo Rating.


Simplifying the use of crypto for everyone.


In the three months between our own token launch and the collapse of Terra in late May 2022, we:

When Terra collapsed we had the following in the pipeline:


Atlo will rebrand. The collapse of Terra ended a chapter in our journey, and new ideas combined with new experience deserve the benefit of a fresh start.

Chain interoperability will be a key factor in the ongoing success and usefulness of the cryptocurrency industry. As users become more chain agnostic, the capacity to effortlessly move between chains will take centre stage as an integral functionality of any useful platform.

We envision a platform allowing projects from all over the Crypto landscape to launch with the support of backers irrespective of which chain they call “home”, offering all the tools, and services necessary to get people and projects launched.

Rebranding symbolises the evolution of our vision; a chain agnostic portal focused on connectivity between blockchains to allow customers a simple and clear way to find good projects, while providing a set of Value Added Services to make their crypto journey simpler.


We will develop an “Amazon-esque” Launchpad. Our platform will provide a simple and secure mechanism for backers from any chain or environment to contribute towards projects they have an interest in.

Each chain will have their own “store front” to showcase projects building on their chain, akin to a brand’s shop front on retail aggregation sites. This effectively gives each supporting chain their own launchpad which accepts tokens from across the crypto landscape and exposes them to a larger audience base.

Quality is paramount when it comes to selecting projects to launch and we will work with Chain Foundations and other representatives to secure respected, professional teams looking for reasonable backers to build quality products. Our role is not to deny people the opportunity to launch, but at least highlight the risk associated with each raise.


We’ve done this once already. We have the benefit of experience and are ready to do it better.

Simplicity promotes adoption. Navigating a new chain is daunting, so people avoid it. Removing this opens the scope of opportunity for anyone to find new projects.

A launchpad can become the de facto starting point for users’ exploration of new chains. In addition, integrating multiple chains is an opportunity to harness the strengths of each.

The launch platform will ensure that the specific needs and ethos of each supported chain is taken into consideration when setting up a pipeline of launches. Every chain offers a different value proposition. This needs to form part of the overall integration and presence on the platform whilst attracting a wide cross chain audience and exposing chains to new audiences.

Low Risk Funding and Sale Mechanics — Over time we’ll enable funding using a distributed basket of stable coins + the native coin, or stable, of the chain the project is launching on. Stables can include BUSD, USDT & USDC. Native token handling will be integrated as we integrate each chain. This provides a balanced set of currencies for projects to manage risk from the start and simultaneously supports the Layer 1 of the chain they are building on. It will be a long road to get there, so expect an iteritive approach.

We Launch, So Projects Can Build — As a one stop shop, sale mechanics and post-sale features like vesting and token claiming will be entirely handled by us. Mechanism options will be simple and current. On launch they will include both a standard swap and a price discovery mechanic.

A Large Community — The chain agnostic approach, and select basket of tokens, opens the door to a larger community of backers and a more risk averse means of raising funds.

Legal Compliance — All backers will be KYC’ed and their KYC status stored on-chain.

Quality Driven — Projects will need to do more in their submission process to represent the quality of their project, ranging from chain endorsements, to deep dives into their project environment. Earning the support of backers will require teams to go to great lengths to prove their worth.

Be Viewed Among Your Peers — We will present projects in areas of the platform dedicated to specific chains or ecosystems.

Meet Backers Where They Are — Backers will be able to contribute a supported set of stablecoins across supported chains.

Chain Agnostic — Backers from any corner of crypto can browse projects across all supported chains and make decisions based on project quality, irrespective of whether they are familiar with and active on the home chain of that project.

Safety — Distribution of funds to projects will only happen on transfer of tokens to protect backers’ funds. Further release schedules will be added including automated vested release of funds to projects.

Project Quality — There are a lot of projects out there and quality is paramount to brand reputation. On chain quality criteria and ranking will give backers a starting point to make educated decisions on their decisions. Examples include:

Manage Your Wealth — Claim, stake and transfer your tokens in one place through a growing set of Value Added Services. Launch functionality is our sole focus right now but it’s the start of the journey, not the summit. Once our launchpad is established we will explore tools and services which crypto users need that generate yield, facilitate trading and help users manage their crypto portfolio.


Our immediate focus is building a launchpad.


Features that will be included in our road map:


We’ll automate as much of the process as is feasible. Human intervention for evaluation, verification and other processes will be included as safeguards; a completely automated process carries a higher risk. At a high level there are 5 parts to the launch process:


Governance will be integral to the platform with proposals put forward to token holders as and when required. Governance can also be offered as a service to tokens of integrated chains.


The previous Atlo Rating will be renamed to align with the new brand. It will be re-introduced in the future.

It is important that the Rating is used as and when needed, so as to offer value without becoming a barrier to entry.

The rating needs to be simplified, potentially basing it on chain interaction as opposed to holding a token. A Rating could be influenced by:

The Rating may be spun out into a standalone product, a tool capable of adjusting to suit the needs and criteria of the user to optimise rating and ranking any data set.

The new rating could be used for a similar set of benefits as the Token itself. A few ideas follow below:

Our token will not be distributed at the exact genesis of the platform. It will be launched as and when demand requires it. It will be distributed to previous $ATLO holders. Tokenomics will be reworked to suit the new environment and business model.

The token value will represent the interest and value in the ecosystem.

Utility for the new token will be simple to start and will grow with demand with more information on that to follow.


The new Atlo plans to take a fresh look at fund raising in the crypto space that sets us apart from chain tailored launchpads. We welcome the opportunity to use Kujira as our home of choice and look forward to contributing to Grown Up Defi.




A team building on Kujira. Our first product is Plasma, the OTC platform for everyone. Our second is Pilot, a launchpad in collaboration with the Kujira team.

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A team building on Kujira. Our first product is Plasma, the OTC platform for everyone. Our second is Pilot, a launchpad in collaboration with the Kujira team.