Deal Types on Plasma

4 min readMar 20, 2023

Plasma enables anyone to create and accept OTC deals quickly and easily. When we create a new deal format for Plasma, we’ll update this post with details on how the new deal type works.

Think of it as a dynamic user guide that grows with the platform.

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A simple deal between two individuals. It may be public or private. The deal can be Good Until Cancelled or have an expiration date of up to 48 hours.

It cannot be partially filled. It can use any token approved by Plasma (over 30 and counting).

The Maker places tokens in the deal when it’s created. After a Taker accepts the deal, their tokens are placed in the wallet of the Maker, and the tokens submitted in the deal by the Maker are placed in the wallet of the Taker.

Both Maker and Taker pay a commission at completion of the deal.
Listed as type SD on the Find Deals tab.


A deal offered by one Maker with multiple Takers. It is available as a public deal only. The deal can be Good Until Cancelled or have an expiration date of up to 48 hours.

Takers can accept as much or as little of the deal as they desire. Makers may cancel the deal at any time. If it has been partially accepted by Takers, Makers are returned what remains of their offered tokens.

Takers pay a commission on completion of their partial fulfilment of the deal. Makers pay a commission on all tokens they receive from Takers.

Listed as type PD on the Find Deals tab.


The deal Maker creates a deal, provides the quantity of tokens to be distributed, the maximum amount per claim, and an expiration date (if one is required).

Airdrops appear in the Find Deals tab.

A whitelist is required to prevent Takers from claiming multiple times using different addresses. The deal is complete when all tokens have been claimed. Successful Takers will see their deal results under the Inbox tab.

Any unclaimed tokens are returned to the Maker.

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A list of terms used in this doc, organised alphabetically.

COMMISSION — Paid to Plasma by Makers and Takers. The percentage differs for each deal type. This is deducted automatically when a deal concludes successfully.

DEAL — A transaction created by Makers and accepted by Takers.

ESCROW — When a deal is created, the tokens submitted sit within the Plasma contract until the deal is deemed to be closed. They do not sit with the deal participants, nor are they accessible by the Plasma team, nor anyone else. They remain in the contract until the deal is closed, expires or is cancelled.

EXPIRATION / EXPIRY — When a deal reaches the end of its offer period. Certain actions are triggered if the deal has been accepted by a Taker. If it has not, the deal is closed. Makers must hit the refund button to return tokens to their wallet.

MAKER — The creator of a deal. The Maker chooses the deal type, sets the terms of the deal, including the token offered, token accepted and the token price, and creates the deal.

PERIOD — The length of time the deal is valid, as set by the Maker. A Maker may choose to cancel a deal before it expires if it has not yet been accepted. If the deal is “Good Until Cancelled” it will remain open indefinitely, until it is accepted by a Taker or cancelled by the Maker.

PRIVATE — Deal offered exclusively to a wallet specified by the Maker. Once created, this deal will appear in the prospective Takers’ INBOX.

PUBLIC — A deal offered to anyone using Plasma. These appear under the FIND DEALS tab.

TAKER — Accepter of the deal. They choose to take the terms offered in the deal. Takers cannot change or negotiate the terms.

WALLET — The designated wallet for an action. This may be the Wallet used by the Maker to create a Deal or the wallet used by a Taker to accept one.




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