Get to Know Fanfury

Fanfury will be one of our first proposals submitted on Atlo. With their commitment to decentralisation and their efforts to reward and empower their communities, they’re a great fit.

In preparation for their pending proposal, here’s a primer to help Atlonauts get up to speed on this fantasy sports platform. View all the details of their proposal soon on


Fantasy sports is coming to the blockchain. It’s a $20 billion dollar industry with incredibly passionate and enthusiastic users, plagued by notoriously high fees and allegations of corruption. Fanfury plans to solve the problem and reward the passion through their platform. There’s elements of gamification and deflation driving the tokenomics behind $FURY but most importantly, they’re offering a fun, easy way for sports fans to enjoy their favourite pastimes, support their teams and earn some crypto.


Fanfury’s point man Adrian is a lifelong sports fan. His enthusiasm talking about what they are building is infectious. You can’t help but get caught up by his energy. Just watch his discussion with Lunatic Station

If you prefer podcasts, listen to his conversation with Orbital Command during an Alpha Hour session courtesy of Terraspaces.


If you want to get to know more about Fanfury or join their communities, check them out here:

Discord :

Twitter :

Telegram :

Medium :

Website :


Codex :

Tokenomics :


Fanfury have completed their seed round of investment and brought on the following partners:

GT Capital (also an investor in Atlo)

SkyVision Capital

Maven Capital

Oracles Investment Group


Exnetwork Capital



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