Asset Management & Yield Creation For Crypto

3 min readMar 3, 2022


Proteus are submitting a proposal to our community to launch on Atlo. To participate in voting on their proposal and (if they are successful) buying tokens in their sale, you’ll need to get an Atlo Rating. If you don’t know what that is, read this.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy, or take extraordinary risks, to access the benefits of DeFi. Proteus Finance aims to eliminate barriers to entry and reduce the risks associated with crypto investments.

The Medium Post gives an overview of Proteus. If you prefer to learn visually, here’s a great video from Crypto with Rico.


Proteus is an asset management and yield creation service for cryptocurrency.

They have teamed Up with Aperture Finance and their Delta Neutral investment strategy. Their goal is to make yield generation easy and simple for everyone. And they don’t stop at the generation of yield, but include the spending of that yield in their plan.

Proteus aims to develop an AI-driven engine that automatically searches for the best yields in the Terra ecosystem vaults for you and invests on your behalf. It will quickly switch investors out of low-performing protocols.


Listen to Lukas chat to Breevie on the Mighty Whale Podcast about how Proteus makes DeFi easy for everyone.


Hodl Finance
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Mirmi Capital
RR2 Capital
Solr DAO
Vespertine Capital


Here’s where you can find them in your favourite social network.

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Seed Token Sale : 8%. Linear monthly vesting for 18 months. Price: $0.03 per token.

IDO : 4%. IDOs for Terra communities. Vesting terms will vary 6 to 8 months, depending on the platform. Price: $0.06 per token.

Staking Fund : 25%. Rewards for Proteus stakers and LP stakers. Only enough tokens will be unlocked to subsidize initial Proteus staking rewards until Proteus Finance earns enough yield fees to pay rewards from that source.

Insurance Fund : 20%. Payouts for insurance holders. Tokens will be released for the investors if insurance is needed.

Team : 18%. Token allocation to Proteus Finance core team. 8% vested monthly from the 10th month after the TGE. Last month 4% (23 months total vesting period).

Advisors : 2%. Token allocation to Proteus Finance Advisors. 5% vested monthly from the 3rd month after the TGE (23 months total vesting period).

Launchpad / Community : 17%. Funding of Proteus projects by the community. 10% vested monthly from 6th month after the TGE (16 months total vesting period).

Liquidity : 6%. Liquidity for Terraswap for Proteus-side Tokens will be locked in DEXs (Proteus/UST).


Straight from their Whitepaper (Page 27):

We envisage three types of token holders

  1. Users of the Proteus ecosystem : who fully participate in the Proteus ecosystem
  2. Investors and speculators : who buy the token in the open market to hold it to make a profit from its increase in value.
  3. Stakers : who buy the tokens or who use the excess from their current holding to stake Proteus.


  • Be eligible for loans, using the Proteus token as collateral
  • Participate in Launchpad (for new tokens on the Terra ecosystem)
  • Reduce transaction fees if using our tokens
  • Be part of a tier system — receiving additional % for staking our token
  • Insurance for stablecoin investments
  • Yearly returns




A team building on Kujira. Our first product is Plasma, the OTC platform for everyone. Our second is Pilot, a launchpad in collaboration with the Kujira team.