Hello! We Are Atlo.

Good Morning! We’re a decentralised launchpad governed by token holders about to launch our token $ATLO. Launches, like all governance, should be clear, fair and simple. Let’s briefly dive into what we mean by that, and why it inspired us to build this project. For a deeper read, check out our Litepaper.


Launchpads are a perfect medium for decentralisation. They are a meeting point between capital and ideas, and projects are green lit when a common goal is shared: building amazing products.

We aim to connect these two by providing the framework and mechanisms, then letting the market decide what gets to launch and how.

The same applies for allocations. Participants will know how their allocation is calculated, because they would have participated in deciding on the mechanic.


Good governance is clear, but how is it fair? If it’s the only measure of contribution, those with more have control, and get the lion’s share of the rewards.

Fair means considering all contributions. When distributing allocations for a launch, Atlo takes into account a number of factors, including the quality and quantity of participation by an $ATLO holder.

This has compounding positive consequences; higher involvement in governance, greater diligence in consideration before voting, and increased incentives to hold tokens for longer. All of these result in a community better equipped to launch high quality products. We rise and thrive as a collective, attracting greater capital and better projects as our reputation grows.


Lastly, participating in a launch will follow the least complex route possible. Removing complexity allows participants to delegate their time, energy and concentration to evaluation of projects, community communication and engagement with the project team; uses that benefit them, and in turn contribute to the greater good.


We’re a decentralised launchpad, built on Terra. We’ll be launching very shortly. We believe decentralisation means letting the community decide what does and doesn’t get to launch, and how they would like to support it.

If you’d like to get involved, please follow us on Twitter, come say “GM!” on Telegram, or get stuck into serious conversations about governance on Discord.

We are Atlo. #LFL 🚀



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