The Marketplace Bridging Real World and NFTs

Lunart aims to be the bridge between the physical and digital art scenes. Their proposal is currently open for voting and ends March 13. Should they pass, their sale is scheduled to start March 15. LunArt aims to be the space where artists can be discovered by new audiences, old art can be staked to create new art, and your digital collection can be turned into a physical form to be appreciated and admired. Or, if you have something in mind but don’t have the skills to create it, commission an artist of your choice to create it for you.

They’re an NFT platform aimed at onboarding real world artists and there are some interesting additional features that give LunArt a unique perspective: not only do they intend to bridge the gap between digital art and the physical world, they put an emphasis on connecting fans with the creator along with the creations.

One of their more interesting ideas The Bakery, where NFT owners can stake their favourite pieces and collaborate with an artist to create a new, complementary piece.

LunArt’s tokenomics include revenue sharing, burns, a reward system and buybacks. They have multiple revenue streams feeding into the platform. And they bridge mediums; part of that revenue model includes profits from printing high quality copies of NFTs and delivering them worldwide, through their partnership with Hybrid.

LunARt is first and foremost a platform to introduce real world artists to the digital space, but it’s much, much more than that core function. It’s a place where artist and admirer can meet, mingle and collaborate; where collections and artists can be discovered, and where your favourite digital pieces can enter the physical realm.


LunArt recently published an FAQ on Loop answering a number of questions that came up during their AMA with our Telegram group. You can read their answers here, covering a variety of topics, from their vision and USP to their token utility.

If you want to dive deeper, we suggest you read their Litepaper. Members of the Atlo community have been actively engaging with the LunArt team in our Discord Channel. Please come have a look at what they have been discussing and join in.

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