Terrnado Cash will submit a proposal on Atlo on April 18!


An anonymous protocol for private transactions on Terra Blockchain.

A new proposal is coming to Atlo. Terrnado Cash will be up for vote starting on April 18 for 5 days. Should the proposal pass, their sale will commence April 26 with their TGE on May 3.

This is a starting point for Atlonauts wanting to learn more about Terrnado ahead of their governance vote. You can view more details on Terrnado’s own channels or by reading their Proposal on Atlo.

If you want to participate, make sure you have your Atlo Rating ready before the snapshot at the start of the vote.


Terrnado is a privacy protocol allowing Terra users to transfer $UST and CW20 tokens from one wallet to another without a transaction record between the two.

Transaction privacy is achieved by breaking the on-chain link between the source and the destination addresses, while users have complete custody of their funds, and access to their assets at all times.

Terrnado Cash is currently operational and can be used here.




Total Supply : 100,000,000

The $TND token will benefit in the following ways:

A 5% fee will be levied for every $TND

  • transfer from address to address (whitelisted Terrnado Anonymizer, Terrnado Vault)
  • swap (buy/sell on TerraSwap, Astroport, TerraFloki DEX, Loop)

The proceeds of this fee will be split as follows:

1% burn to decrease total supply.
1.5% will add to the liquidity pool.
1.5% is sent to the vault for $sTND holders.
1% used for a retrospective airdrop; earned by using Terrnado (for $UST depositors). More details on this to follow.

The Terrnado community can vote to alter this tax rate or choose to redirect cashflow at a point in the future.


Each withdrawal using the app carries a 0,5% fee. This revenue goes into the Terrnado vault. It means the vault will consist of $UST and all CW20 tokens using Terrnado’s Anonymizer. $TND holders will have the option to bond their tokens and users will receive a given amount of the ‘bonding proof’ token called $sTND. Holding $sTND tokens means you own a given percentage share of the project’s vault.



Any Atlonauts interested in engaging with the rest of our community regarding the proposal are encouraged to join our dedicated Terrnado Channel on Discord, where they can share thoughts, ask questions and discuss the merits of this project.




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