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Welcome to Atlo. We’re a launchpad built on Terra, and we do things a little differently. We’ll get you up to speed on how to participate in our launches. Let’s keep things nice and simple.


We’re named after a space engineering acronym for Assembly, Test & Launch Operations. Hence all the astronauts and rockets. Cos we’re a launchpad. You get it.

What we do is launch the protocols our community decides are worth launching.

Thanks to the Yield Labs team for this!


This does a great job of explaining how to get started.

If you prefer to listen rather than read, we have playlists of all the videos made about Atlo, or featuring interviews with the team:

About Atlo

Team Interviews



You’re going to need a Terra Wallet and some UST. We covered this quite extensively in the first paragraph in this post, if you need help and guidance with either of those. There’s even video.

You need UST to cover transaction fees, and all funding is done using UST (for now).


Next, you need to complete KYC. This means supplying a Proof of ID, a Proof of Residence, and a “liveness” photo. It’s easy to complete, and we have, you guessed it, a more detailed post covering the process here. Your info is held by our KYC partner Sumsub. We do not store it or look at it. You only need to KYC once to participate in swaps.

Some countries are excluded from this process, under advisement from our legal counsel. We didn’t make the rules, we’re following them. The full list of excluded countries is here.


Once your wallet and KYC are taken care of, you need to get some $ATLO. You can swap $UST for $ATLO on our dashboard.

If you’d prefer to use a DEX like Terraswap or Coinhall, make sure you are getting the real token. Check it’s the right contract address and not some scammer. Our token address is terra1cl7whtrqmz5ldr553q69qahck8xvk80fm33qjx

Anything else is a counterfeit, and if you give them your money, we can’t help you. Remember to use the swap function.
DO NOT SEND your UST straight to the contract address. If you do, it’s gone forever.


This is very easy. You build your Atlo Rating through two methods currently, with more on the way. Firstly, you need to stake $ATLO, which you can do via the Earn tab in our dashboard.

There’s a great video breaking down the Atlo Rating, courtesy of Tim, the Secret Bull (who you should definitely subscribe to).

You do this through Single Side Staking or through providing LP. Each has their benefits.
Single Side Staking means you get the full weight of the $ATLO staked.
Providing LP means you get 1.3 times the weight of the $ATLO side of the LP, and you earn more $ATLO through the rewards APR. The UST side of the LP doesn’t count towards your AR.

The second thing you can do is vote. Community participation is a core component of Atlo. If you want to improve your Atlo Rating, never miss a vote. There is one posted almost weekly on our governance page. The more you vote, the better your score. We provide as much info as we can through Discord channels and interviews with the teams prior to the vote.


When a protocol sale starts, you have a 48 hour window to take part. You can fund the sale at any point in the window, and you can fund as often as you like. There is a $100 minimum buy. After that, go as big as you like. When the sale closes, we use your Atlo Rating to calculate your allocation in the sale. The higher your rating, the bigger your allocation. Any UST you funded that is unallocated is returned to you ASAP, along with how many of the Token you have been allocated, at the end of the sale. We can’t tell you what your allocation will be until after the sale is concluded. This post explains this in greater detail.


When it’s time for the TGE (the Token Generation Event), simply head to your portfolio, where you can view how many tokens you have been allocated, how many are vesting, and how many are available to claim. Claiming is as simple as clicking the button and confirming the transaction, after which the claimable tokens will be visible in your wallet, and are yours to do with as you please. Make sure you have enough UST in your wallet to pay for the transaction.

And that’s pretty much it. This is a very top-line summary of the process covering the basics, but it should be enough to get you going. If you’d like a deeper understanding of how Atlo works, read our Whitepaper and join our Discord to ask some questions, which we or a member of the community will happily answer.

Welcome to the family, Atlonaut.





A team building on Kujira. Our first product is Plasma, the OTC platform for everyone. Our second is Pilot, a launchpad in collaboration with the Kujira team.